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Overall, this guy sounds awesome, heres a neat video of him. Our weekly Bien Hecho segment, highlights the good deeds and achievements of Latinos across the U. If you feel that someone you know is deserving of recognition, let us know at tips@OCTOBER 8, 2011 Guest New Mexico resident, Ruben Salaz Marquez will present a broad overview of the history of the Southwest, based on his book: Epic of the Greater Southwest Multi-Regional Orange Family History Center 674 S.He successfully pressed for adding Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Barbados.Were one of the groups that have really been very passionate about studying African-American populations and studying Hispanic-Latino populations so that they get brought into the fold of medical genetics research, says Bustamante, speaking for himself and fellow researchers in his Stanford lab.For example, a review of 400 genetic studies found that 90% focused only people of European decent and Bustamentes work with the 1000 Genomes project has begun to find small variations that may lend an explanation to why some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to diabetes or cancer.In other words, his work is super duper important and hes not trying to hog all the glory, but rather, involve other people in this important work.The study started with samples taken in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Originally from Venezuela, Bustamante is working to include more Latinos and African-Americans in genetic research in order to better understand how diseases affect these populations over time, especially since this field is traditionally geared towards white populations.

Currently there are 25 children living in a 2 bedroom home. We have a radio commercial and we are going to have an interview on TV. (Checks can be written to the Santa Ana Music Booster Foundation.) Les mando esta invitacin al concierto que tomara lugar en el auditorio de Santa Ana High School el Sbado 8 de Octubre, 2011 a las PM.

We also have news reporter, Julio Cesar Ortiz from Univision 34 attending. El Tenor, Florentino Zarate, es un muchacho nacido en Michoacn y criado en Santa Ana.

Chapter 9; THE CIVIL WAR in the Southwest Chapter 10: INDIAN AFFAIRS IN THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST|: Texas California Nevada Colorado Utah Oklahoma New Mexico Arizona Chapter 11: RAILROADS Chapter 12: FRONTIER LAW AND ORDER Texas California Oklahoma New Mexico Arizona Chapter 13: STATEHOOD AND AMERICANIZATION Notes Texas-1845.

California-1850 Nevada-1864 Colorado-1876 Utah-1896 Oklahoma-1907 New Mexico-1912 Arizona-1912 Chapter 14: LAND TENURE Chapter 15: EDUCATION IN THE SOUTHWEST Chapter 16: A PERSONAL TOUR OF THE SOUTHWEST ANNOTATED BASIC BIBLIOGRAPHY EPILOGUE TIMELINES European Exploration of the Americas Denominational Christianity Kingofthe Plains HISTORICAL ESSAYS History or Propaganda? On California Historiography On New Mexican Indian Affairs On the Spanish Era The Dred Scott Decision On California Indian History Morality Aside Myth 8C Media in Western History INDEX Saturday, October 1st, 10th anniversary of Irvine Global Village Festival from a.m. Its an all-day party, food, entertainment, and its FREE!

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